5 Tips to Write Engaging Contemporary Fiction

5 Tips to Write Engaging Contemporary Fiction

Contemporary fiction is a well-known genre that tells stories about modern and real life. This is why contemporary fiction writers create characters, settings,, and situations that are relatable.

Keep in mind, however, that contemporary fiction sets itself in contemporary settings rather than historical or futuristic ones. This means that it takes place in the present and not in the past or in the future. These stories can be enthralling, inspiring and motivating.

Make a Plot about a Current Topic that People are Intense About

It is not possible to have your characters embark on a fantastical journey like with fantasy or sci-fi novels. Therefore, when coming up with plot ideas, think of current issues that are affecting society.

You might decide to make a focus on a specific topic that affects people in particular parts of the world. It is likely that you will find it relatable and engaging enough to get readers thinking about it.

Look at Characters and How They Relate to One Another

Another tip that can help you write great contemporary fiction, is to concentrate on the characters and how they relate to each other. Your characters must be credible, as it’s contemporary fiction.

Readers need to be able envision themselves in the same situations as real people. Remember that characters should reflect modern behavior and think alike.

You can motivate your readers

Contemporary fiction offers you the freedom to write on topics that matter to your heart. Your story can be set in a modern high school to focus on the problems teens face today and the solutions they find.

You can make your audience relate to the conflicts you create. This will help you to send a positive message and encourage them to improve their lives.

Don’t Fear of Making Edits

It can take many years to complete a novel. It might take you months or even years to finish a novel. It can become a problem for contemporary fiction writers if your topic isn’t as important or irrelevant if it takes too long. If you need to, edit as you write your novel so that it remains current and relevant.

Frequently Review Your Work

Inadvertently, you could veer off course as you write. Are there elements you haven’t considered to be relevant or modern that you are introducing? Perhaps your story is bordering on fantasy. Check in with yourself and remind you that you’re creating contemporary fiction. This will allow you to stick with the genre’s characteristics.

These tips can help you make a modern fiction novel. Keep in mind that the most important aspect of writing contemporary fiction is to get started. Once you have one idea (e.g., one conflict and one character), you might get more ideas and, before you know, your entire story is complete.