How To Give Your Dog CBD – All The Best Pet Care

How To Give Your Dog CBD – All The Best Pet Care

CBD products for pets have become quite popular in recent years. Dogs are the most popular pet choice among Americans, and there are over 64.1 million households that own a dog. A large number of dog owners are now giving CBD to their dogs for treating conditions related to pain, anxiety, seizures, post-surgery recovery, aggression, sleep, and more.

Most CBD studies for pet use cases are done on dogs, which makes it quite safe for improving your canine companion’s overall wellness. But there are so many products to choose from, like CBD  oils, treats, balms, and more.

This can be quite confusing for pet parents who are planning to give CBD to their dogs for the first time. This article will clear up all the confusion, as we will cover the best ways to give CBD to your dog for maximum results.

1.  Directly pour CBD oil drop into your dog’s mouth with a dropper

The best way is to directly put the recommended amount of CBD oil in your dog’s mouth. This is perfect for people who have docile and well-trained dogs, and most of them comply easily. Droppers allow you to measure the amount properly without any hassle because they come with marked levels.

This allows you to increase or decrease the dosage properly and makes it quite easy to administer. Just make sure to be calm and gentle with your dog, and giving a few afterward will help in long-term habit formation.

With this method, it’s necessary to measure the dosage properly. Many households have multiple dogs of different sizes, weights, and ages. You cannot give the same amount of CBD oil drops to all of them. The efficacy, duration, and onset time are directly related to your dog’s age, weight, size, and the conditions you are trying to manage with them.

Another thing to look out for is its taste, as most CBD pet products come in plain flavors. It means that the product will have an earthy hemp taste due to the presence of flavonoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients present in the hemp plant.

Popular brands like Colorado Botanicals offer high-quality, well-tasting, and tested CBD options, and you can buy CBD oil for dogs for the best results.

You’ll also find a well-descriptive dosage chart based on a pet’s weight on their product page. Since it’s a broad-spectrum CBD oil, your dog will be able to experience the entourage effect. This method allows you to be flexible, and plan the stock efficiently.


2.  Mix the CBD in your Dog’s Food

There are many dogs who don’t cooperate with direct dropper feeding methods. But therein lies the versatility of flavorless CBD. You can mix CBD oil or Tincture directly in your dog’s wet or dry food. They won’t make a fuss because it’ll blend in with the food’s original flavor. Just make sure to mark the bowls if you have multiple dogs.

This will allow you to make sure that one or the other dog doesn’t end up consuming more CBD than you had planned for them. You can mix the oil with any of your dog food, be it kibbles, snacks, meat, or even a few ham pieces.

Plus, this will take away the hassle of taking out separate time to give your dog CBD. Just add a few drops to the feed box whenever it’s your dog’s meal time.

3.  Teach them a trick, and give CBD treats or Soft Chews

Dogs love it when you reward them with a treat. Many people often train them by teaching them new tricks and giving them treats as a reward at the end. This helps them learn the trick faster and also aids in forming a long-term habit in response to specific cues or voices from their owners. Nowadays, you can find CBD-infused treats and soft chews easily.

They are pre-measured with an accurate CBD dosage and are usually formulated with a unique flavor, aroma, and texture, which makes them quite appetizing for dogs. You can even break the treat into multiple pieces and give it at different times throughout the day.

Plus, the soft chews are perfect for young and older dogs whose teeth are quite tender at that stage of life. The soft and chewy texture of such treats makes it quite easy to give CBD to dogs who need special dental care.

4.  Topical Creams and Paw Rolls

You can also administer CBD to your dogs through topicals. Nowadays, you can easily buy CBD paw rolls, creams, shampoos, balms, and even sprays for dogs. The topical applications provide localized relief and are quite easy to use. CBD has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and hydrating properties.

Hence, it can help in treating rashes, dead skin, and irritation from scratches, and may also reduce the frequency of wound licking. Also, since the topical only works on the skin level, you can continue with your regular methods of giving CBD through food or treats.

There is no need to worry about exceeding the overall CBD amount, as topicals won’t end up entering the bloodstream. Topical CBD application may also result in a better, puffier, healthier, and more shiny coat. Pro tip, you can also give your pet CBD by mixing it with peanut butter. Dogs absolutely love the taste of peanut butter and will chomp on it without caring about the presence of CBD in it.

The End Note

To sum it up, CBD can do wonders for your dog’s health. It’s proven to be effective in cannabis, as they have a similar endocannabinoid system as humans. There are many ways to give your dog CBD, but which one will depend on your dog’s behavior, habits, and the effects you are seeking.

The most easy and quick method is to drop the oils with a dropper directly in their mouth. But not all dogs will cooperate with it, and they may even get more stressed and panic if you hold them down to give CBD.

Plus, for people with multiple dogs in the house, it may not be time-effective and feasible to sprinkle CBD in every dog’s mouth at the same time. For such pet parents, the best way is to mix CBD oil in your dog’s food. You can drop it on kibbles or wet food; just make sure to monitor that your dogs have separate bowls and adequate distance to avoid overdosing.

Another way is to give CBD-infused soft chews or treats; they come with a soft, meaty texture and yummy flavors, so dogs will eat them right away. Don’t limit yourself; try different tricks with your dog, and just make sure to buy CBD for them only through trusted brands like Colorado Botanicals.