A 3D Product Configurator Is So Helpful

A 3D Product Configurator Is So Helpful

Old ideas never took off are often revived later and become more popular. As Da Vinci’s helicopter took centuries to be made, product configurators are seeing a rise in popularity. Many companies want to be part of this trend, as it moves to custom product configurator developer enterprise-wide platforms.

Configurators are a popular tool for business growth. You’ll want to find out more about them, their development costs, and the resources they require. We have the answer for you.

What Does A 3D Product Configurator Do?

A 3D product configurator allows users to visualize one product in multiple versions using a variety of interactive options. The 3D product configurator features a model of the product, which changes as the user customizes it. The customizer for a sofa can let the user choose the material, color, and length of the couch before they place an online order.

What’s Product Configuration Software Used For?

3D configurator, product visualization software, and the sales process are first and foremost. This is logical since it is the most obvious example and the one most companies choose for their company (one study found that 60%). These benefits are not to be overlooked. But there are other uses for product configurators that will benefit your company, both internally and externally.

Configuration Of Ecommerce Products

Ecommerce uses 3D product configurators to personalize the customer’s shopping experience and make it part of the sales process. It is typically integrated into the product pages or categories, depending on whether they feature one item or a whole catalog of products. Users have the option of placing an order once they have made their selections.

Configuration Of Products For Prototyping & Developing

A prototyping and design tool is one-way companies can engage customizers to help them develop their products. It helps them to decide on the final product design, and then work out how it works before creating a physical model. It can be used to test and visualize performance indicators.

Product Configurator For Support

Although we focus too much on the visual aspects of configurators they are also an important source of information. Many configurators include helpful text descriptions to describe all customizations as well as general information about the product. The online 3D product configurator can answer many questions during the order/shopping process.

B2B Sales Product Configurator

You probably know that many goods can’t be manufactured without certain parts or components made by partners of companies. These parts and machinery are rarely available on the market so suppliers can use configurators to sell their products to others. Producers of tractor engines might use a 3D product configurator on the web to help customers estimate how much space they will need under their tractor’s hood and how much fuel it will use.

Configuration Of Products For Ads And Presentations

Customizers allow you to present your product seamlessly and uniquely. This application allows you to examine your product at your own pace. You can zoom in on specific items, focus on them, and create unique combinations to suit your preferences. Additionally, the configurator footage can be easily converted into animations or ads.

Enterprise Training Configurator

Sometimes customizers can be integrated into larger enterprise programs such as training manuals or simulations. The software allows employees to become familiar with the product’s appearance and function, as well as the variations that the company offers. Technicians can use the software to practice repairs and maintenance in various situations.