How You Can Make Baked Potatoes with an Air Fryer?

How You Can Make Baked Potatoes with an Air Fryer?

The air fryer has been a favored appliance for cooking everything. It can be used for anything. But it's particularly useful when making bread. The air fryer heats the potatoes with very little oil.

There Are So Many Benefits to Air Frying Your Potatoes

  • It takes less time than the oven. Baked potatoes take only half the time in an oven and don't require any waiting for the oven to heat up.
  • There is no need to poke potatoes with holes before cooking.
  • An oven is more energy efficient than an air fryer, but it won't heat your home.
  • Due to the high heat and short cook times, air-fried potatoes have crisp skin and a fluffy interior.
  • You can use less oil to make the skin crispier.

Now that we know all about the benefits of using the oven less often, here are some tips on making your own air fryer baked potato.

Tips for Making the Best Air Fryer Potatoes

These are some tips and tricks that will make your air fryer potatoes the best.

  • Use Idaho, sweet potatoes, and russet. These potatoes are dense in starch and have a richer texture.
  • To make sure that the potatoes are cooked at the same time, you can use identical-sized potatoes.
  • Fork tests are a good way to tell if they're done. Cooking times may vary depending on the type of air fryer used and the size and number of potatoes.
  • Use olive oil or avocado oil as cooking oil. Coconut oil and oils with low smoke points can cause them to burn.
  • Don't crowd the basket. It is important to leave enough space between potatoes so that hot air can cook them evenly from all sides. A 7-quart air frying pan can hold up to four potatoes.
  • You may need an extra 10-15 minutes of cooking time for large potatoes or potatoes that weigh more than 8 ounces.
  • Take the potatoes out of the oven fryer basket with tongs or a pair of oven mitts.
  • You don't need crispy skin, so skip the oil and wrap the potatoes with aluminum foil before placing them in the air-fryer. You can place foil inside an air fryer.

How You Can Bake Potatoes in an Electric Fryer?

Baked air fryer potatoes are very simple and can easily be made with any make or model. Below are the steps to follow:

Wash Your Potatoes: Use running water to scrub the potatoes gently and then dry them.

Lightly Oil Skin: You can spray or brush your skin with a light, even layer of oil.

Mix Seasonings: Salt and pepper are good options.

Arrange The Potatoes In A Basket: Lay the potatoes in the basket.

Cook: Dry fry up to four potatoes.

Conduct the Fork Testing: Put a fork inside the potatoes to test if they are ready. If they don't come out of the potatoes easily, it may be time to take longer.

Drain The Potatoes After They're Done: Depending on how large your potatoes are, cooking times may vary. If any potatoes pass the fork test, remove them and add any remaining potatoes to the basket.