HEETS Tobacco Sticks for IQOS Flavor Overview

HEETS Tobacco Sticks for IQOS Flavor Overview

One can only speculate as to why Phillip Morris' leadership opted to discontinue the usage of the Parliament brand in the IQOS product range. Only HEETS sticks labelled as if exclusively for IQOS are now available via an approved agent.

The contrast is enormous, not just in flavour but also in the design of the stick itself.

IQOS HEETS Stick Tastes

As we remember, the Parliament only had two choices. Marlboro sticks came in six different flavours. HEETS aren't far behind! They introduced two additional new flavours in the autumn of 2018. Consider them in further depth.

HEETS Amber Flavour

We begin the evaluation with the most powerful sticks. The strongest tobacco taste is Hits Amber. By the way, the fragrance seems to be greater from it than from other brands. Even stronger in flavour than the ordinary Blue Parliament. With all of its signals, such as strength and flavour, you may suggest it to folks who are attempting to transition from ordinary cigarettes to IQOS because lighter sticks seem overly chemical at first.

HEETS Yellow Flavour

Yellow hits are a lighter shade of amber. When you ask Parliament in a shop, suggest something as comparable as possible. It's clear that they either didn't smoke what they were selling or were attempting to deceive you with some marketing gimmicks. In general, smoking is not repulsive; most smokers will be satisfied with it on a daily basis.

HEETS Turquoise Flavour

Menthol turquoise appears. Menthol, like Mint, felt harsh and overpowering to me. Although there is hardly a little flavour of tobacco, everything is choked with mint. So, no fortress, maybe even less than in yellow.

HEETS Purple Flavour

A purple heat pack with a berry fragrance. It has a distinct mint and currant scent. The flavour is balanced and delicious. Not as minty, not as strong on tobacco, and a touch too perfumed, but it is the finest overall.

Heets purple wave IQOS sticks with a brilliant flavour and a gentle finish of cocoa with dried fruits. Chocolate Capitan black is really close. Tobacco fans who like chocolate will enjoy it. This flavour reminds me of my favourite pipe tobacco. It seems like they did the sticks in a high-quality and honest manner in order to surprise.

Stick Pack HEETS

The packaging has evolved to resemble the item itself. Concise, with no superfluous features or design solutions. 

As is customary, there is no information on the nicotine concentration. It even becomes a bit worrying.

What Are IQOS Sticks Composed Of?

The pack's understated look conceals a too-tricked stick.

Yes, there is no longer an air filter, at least not in Parliament! Connoisseurs may be disappointed, but I don't mind.

A layer of gel in the filter at the stick also cools the smoke during smoking. 

A small layer of foil between the paper and the tobacco sheet is another interesting feature. Glycerin does not leak through it; therefore, the stick's heating lasts longer. This has no effect on the quality; however, the stick itself becomes completely black after usage.