Mat Ownership Vs. Mat Rental For Businesses- The Benefits

Mat Ownership Vs. Mat Rental For Businesses- The Benefits

We are often asked questions about mat rental versus mat ownership as commercial entrance mat specialists. There are many factors that will affect the outcome of mat rental vs. mat ownership. These include your business’s needs, your location, footfall, and other factors.

As a business owner, you have many options.

  • You can have mats custom-shaped
  • You can include your logo or any other branding on your mat
  • Lastly, and most importantly, do you want to rent or buy your mats?

Mat Rental – The Pros & Cons

Mat Rental has become a popular option for many businesses. This option can offer many benefits, but there are also some compromises. We’ll discuss these below.

Mat Rental What Are The Pros?

  1. Fewer upfront costs

The initial upfront cost of mats is less than buying them outright. This makes it less expensive and allows for the costs to be spread more widely.

  1. Regular Washing

These mats are typically cleaned, changed, and returned to you in spotless condition at regular intervals. This makes sure that mats always look neat and clean, making a great impression on anyone who passes your threshold.

  1. Ideal in high-footfall areas

Regular mat rental is a great idea for spaces that have high foot traffic, such as busy shops and offices, or entertainment venues like restaurants and cafes.

What are the Downsides to Renting a Mat?

  1. There are potentially fewer materials you can choose from

You might find that the selection of materials for rental entrance mats is limited. Most models are simple rubber-backed.

  1. A minimum contract usually is required

You will need to sign a rental contract format. If you need logo mats or the like for less than one year, it might be more economical to buy outright.

  1. There will be ongoing costs

Renting mats will mean that you’ll continue to pay for them, just like renting any other item. Renting should still be a great value with predictable costs and high quality.

The pros and cons of buying mats

  1. No monthly fees

You are the proud owner of your mat once you have purchased it. You are responsible for keeping it clean and running at its best. This is why you should consider these factors when choosing the most cost-effective mat and a custom logo rug.

  1. More options

Commercial mats offer more options for different materials and greater flexibility when it comes to their appearance. Obex and other models, such as coir matting, may not be available to renters.

  1. Great for areas with low footfall

It might make sense to purchase your entrance mats if you have a small business or office with fewer visitors.

Mat Purchasing: The Case against

  1. You’ll need to organize mat laundering yourself

Your mats will need to be cleaned on a regular basis and you’ll have to pay this fee every month. With mat rental, the cleaning and returning/installation of new mats is all covered.

  1. More upfront costs

Mat buying usually requires a higher upfront investment. The costs of hiring mats are lower and spread out over time. It can seem like a smaller investment.

  1. It may be necessary to purchase more mats

If you outsource this task, buying may require you to buy multiple units. You will also need to purchase new mats if the old ones are worn out.

Even if your business premises have low footfall, buying mats can still require ongoing cleaning and replacement costs. This can lead to higher long-term expenses.