ASAP Rocky’s Networth, Ja Rule Worth

ASAP Rocky’s Networth, Ja Rule Worth

You can call him Lord Flacko. Or ASAP Rocky. He is loved by everyone. Rocky was born into the ASAP mob of Hip Hop. He is a performer, a singer/song writer, an actor/director, a model and a producer. He’s basically multi-talented.

The early years of life

Rakim Athelaston MAYERS, who was a child of trouble, was born in Harlem, United States on the 3rd Oct 1988. He was the son of a father, mother, sister, and older brother. Rocky was only 12 when his father, originally Barbados-born, was arrested on charges of selling drugs.

Mayers was 13, when his brother, who had introduced him to rapping and encouraged him further, was shot to death. His father, too, died in 2012 Eric B and Rakim both inspired Rakim’s namesake. He was only 9 when he started to rap.

Mayers was influenced most by his brother. He taught him how to Rap and much of Mayer’s clothing, including his hair twists were inspired from his brother. Mobb Deep (Three 6 Mafia), Wu-Tang Clan and UGK were his inspirations.

He was only 15 when he started to travel the world in search for food, shelter, and clothing. His sister and mother were also with him and had to sell crack cocaine and marijuana to make ends meet. He was booked for the crime in 2004. Yes, that is correct! Casanova and Mayers were in the exact same cell before they became famous.

Personal life

ASAP Rocky is thought to have been with Iggy Azalea in 2012 and 2011 respectively. In 2013, he met Chanel Iman who was a model and began seeing him. In 2014, the couple divorced. ASAP Rocky was a pescetarian most of his adult life. This meant that he ate only seafood, and no other food.

He began following complete vegetarianism in 2012. After his manager educated him on the dangers that poultry consumption poses, he began to follow this lifestyle. The 2019 sex tape, which was published in public, was his biggest scandal.


This handsome, tall, dark and handsome hunk is 5’10” tall and weighs 74.9 kg.


In 2007, he was a member in good standing of the ASAP mob. It is a collective of artists such as musicians, designers, and rappers. Similar tastes in music. “Purple Swag” was his hit song that was released in Juli 2011. It became very popular and attracted offers from several music labels.

Another of his singles “Peso”, which was leaked in August 2011, became so beloved that it was played at the Hot 97 Radio station in New York City. Live. Love. He signed a $3,000,000 deal with Polo grounds Music and RCA Records within a matter of days. On December 5, 2012, he was nominated as the “Sound of 2012”.

One of his albums was “At. Long. Last. ASAP” was published in the year 2015. Another film, Testing, was released in the Year 2018. He has appeared in numerous films and documentaries. He was cast as “Dom” in the movie “Dope” in 2015. He also appeared in a documentary entitled “Jeremy Scott –The people’s creator” that year. He played himself. He was featured in “Zoolander 2”, in 2016 in which his character played himself.

Stint! Bang!

In 2018, he portrayed the role of William King, in the movie All Rise. He also starred in the 2020 film “Have a fun trip : Adventures in Psychedelics”. He appeared in many small-screen shows including “Comedy Bang!” Bang!, Animals, and The Eric Andre Show. He was part of numerous music videos.

He joined Lana Del Rey’s National Anthem in 2012. In which he performed “John F. Kennedy”, he was also a part. He was a part in two music videos “Hold it, we’re coming home” (2013). He was also featured in the 2015 video “Picture me Rollin”. He featured in 4 music video, “Reminder”,” “What’s the fuck right then”, “Surfin”, and “Nikes” in 2016. He was also part of 2 music video, “See it again” and “Who dat boy 9/11” in 2017. He was featured on Teyana Taylor’s 2019 album “Issues holds on”.


He was nominated 5x for the BET award and won it one time. He was nominated 7 time for the BET Hip Hop awards and won it thrice. He was two times nominated to the Grammy’s. He was nominated twice in the MTV Europe Music Awards. He was nominated twice for the MTV music awards.

Net Worth

ASAP Rocky has a net value of $10 Million thanks to his global fans and the super successful albums he released.

End Note

Rocky, despite the difficulties he faced as a child and teenager and the challenges that life presented him with, has emerged like the most brilliant diamonds out of a coal mine. He is a shining example of hard work and dedication.